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  • *New* QUFA Health and Safety Officer: If you are interested in health and safety in the workplace, please consider volunteering to be QUFA's new HSO. Details and duties here. Contact Leslie Jermyn (qufa at queensu.ca).
  • Bring Back the Long Form Census: If you value evidence-based policy, please take a moment to send a message to your MP urging them to bring back the census. See here for a model letter.
  • Bill C-377 to amend tax reporting for labour organizations is Back in Senate in its Original Form!: See here for background about this anti-union legislation. Consider emailing Senators to encourage them to defeat this bill - a full list of Senators is here. Both Ruth Nancy and Don Meredith (Senators for Ontario) supported amendments last time around.
  • We Teach Ontario: An Ontario Confederation of Faculty Associations campaign to promote the connection between teaching and research in Ontario Universities - learn more and take action
  • Get Science Right!: A Canadian Association of University Teachers campaign to urge the Federal Government to restore funding for basic research and research in the public interest. See here for coverage of an event in Ottawa attended by QUFA President Diane Beauchemin. for
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Who we are

QUFA is the certified bargaining agent for approximately 1200 faculty, librarians, and archivists at Queen's University. QUFA advances the interests of its Members by promoting equity in recruitment and hiring, by fostering a positive work environment free of discrimination and interference, and by providing appropriate representation for all Members.


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  • Bargaining Alert 1: Collective Bargaining Has Begun - February 9,2015
  • Nominations for QUFA Committees are Open!: Please contact Nominations Committee Chair, Lynne Hanson (lh2 at queensu.ca) if you're interested in serving on any QUFA Committees or in representing your unit on Council. A full list of Committees and Council units is here.
  • OCUFA E-Learning Workshop: The Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations is offering a day-long workshop to help faculty develop high-quality online courses while protecting academic freedom and intellectual property on 20 March 2015 at the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto. Details and registration here.
  • OCUFA Worldviews Lecture on Media and Higher Education: "Universities, the plutocracy and the 99%: Is high participation in higher education the problem or the solution in societies that are becoming more unequal?" by Simon Marginson, Professor of International Education, University of London. Toronto, 1:30 to 3:30 p.m., Tuesday, 21 April, 2015 at the OISE Library, University of Toronto. More information here.
  • Waste Collection on Campus: See here for QUFA's letter to Principal Woolf and here for his reply. The multi-union follow-up letter is here and a response from AVP (FR) Bradshaw is here.
  • PENSION Issues: QUFA statements and slides from our recent Member Consultation meeting are available here under Fall Events.
  • The Bargaining Page is live! Please bookmark this page to keep up to date with QUFA preparations for bargaining a new Collective Agreement in 2015.
  • OCUFA Graduate Fellowships: These fellowships are awarded to one full-time doctoral student and one Master's level student at a publicly-assisted Ontario University who have demonstrated academic excellence, show exceptional academic promise, and have provided significant community service in his/her university career. See here for the doctoral application and here for the Master's.
  • CAUT J.H. Stewart Reid Memorial (Doctoral) Fellowship: See here for more information about this award from the Canadian Association of University Teachers.
  • QUFA Digest: January 2015
  • QUFA Voices: January Issue

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