Bargaining Alert 11: Degrading the Work Environment

May 26, 2011

Dear QUFA Members,

In QUFA Bargaining Alert! 11, Chief Negotiator Allan Manson describes how the Administration is "rejecting QUFA's efforts to improve working conditions and ameliorate our increasing workloads (proposals that in most cases involved only very modest allocation of resources) while sticking to their aggressive proposals to curtail job security and faculty control over working conditions."

He also addresses the major question of pensions: "The big question remains whether the Administration will bring the pension to our bargaining table. QUFA has made its position clear: any discussion of restructuring should take place, as discussions respecting the pension always have, at the multi-lateral employee group table, which meets next on 31 May 2011."

Please contact me, Allan Manson or QUFA staff if you have any questions or concerns about QUFA Bargaining Alert! 11.

Paul Young
QUFA President