Current Collective Agreement (2011-15)

The current Collective Agreement expires April 30, 2015.

Understand the 2011-15 Collective Agreement

Below, following the sections of the Collective Agreement, you will find additional QUFA and related documents that explain or clarify how the Collective Agreement should be interpreted. Some take the form of Know Your CAs (KYCA), some are Infosheets, while others are links to pages of this website or advisories from allied organizations. Please note that where a document is titled "KYCA 2011," it was prepared for the previous Collective Agreement and so may contain outdated specifics but it is still relevant generally.

Members' Rights and Responsibilities (Articles 14-18)

Grievance, Discipline and Safety (Articles 19-23)

Personnel Procedures (Articles 24-34)

Workload and Working Conditions (Articles 35-37)

Structuring and Closures (Articles 38-39)

Members who are Heads (Article 41)

Compensation and Benefits (Article 42)

Term Adjuncts

  • Please see here for a summary of parts of the Collective Agreement specific to Term Adjuncts.


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