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    OCUFA Quality Matters Campaign

    On March 9th, the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations launched its Quality Matters campaign.

    These are uncertain times for university faculty and librarians. Economic instability has worsened the underfunding problem on Ontario’s campuses. At the same time, university education has become even more important as centres of innovation and training necessary to get the province moving again. The public agrees. In a recent OCUFA poll, 85 per cent on Ontarians indicated they would like to see additional funds for higher education in the upcoming Provincial Budget.

    “The economy is looming large in the public’s mind,” said Professor Brian E. Brown, President of OCUFA. “Quality Matters makes a simple point­we can’t move our economy ahead if we leave our students behind.” Quality Matters seeks to increase public awareness of the funding issue leading up to the budget on March 26th. Focused around a new website, the campaign will encourage students, parents, concerned citizens and OCUFA members to send a personal message to Premier Dalton McGuinty urging him to increase university funding.

    OCUFA is using the full power of social media to support the Quality Matters campaign. Electronic ads have been placed on the Globe & Mail and Maclean’s website, and on Facebook. A Facebook group for the campaign is also active, and OCUFA is investigating the use of other Internet services to spread the word. For more information on the campaign, or to send a message to Premier McGuinty, please visit http://www.quality-matters.ca.