QUFA - Quality Matters Factsheet

Giving universities the funding they need is both the right thing to do and the smart thing politically.

Chronic under-funding is hurting Ontario’s universities!

  • Compared to other provinces, Ontario ranks ninth in per-student funding of post-secondary education; per capita, it ranks dead last.
  • Ontario’s student-faculty ratios are the highest in Canada.

We cannot push our economy forward by leaving students behind.

Universities are sources of creativity and innovation - innovation that is critical to Ontario’s role at the forefront of a knowledge economy.

Investment in Ontario’s postsecondary education will:

  • reduce unemployment
  • develop knowledge and skills in the workforce
  • revitalize the economy

We urge the government to bring in a Budget devoting significant resources to higher education. We need the support of faculty, librarians, students, parents, and the general public to pressure the Ontario government to do this!

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