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    Tips for Managing your Information: And some inconvenient truths!

    (Gillian Barlow, Queen's Archives)

    Wednesday, October 7, 2009
    Noon - 1 pm
    517 Watson Hall

    Does your information overload make you feel like you are fighting a losing battle? Too much email getting you down?

    In our every day lives, at work and at home, we create and receive more information than ever before, and technology has helped to drive this trend. Now our capacity to create, collect and disseminate information is in danger of outstripping our ability to manage it.

    Don't let those positive and enabling information assets become an unwelcome burden and a drain on your precious time and resources. This workshop (offered from the perspective of a records manager) aims to address some of the problems you face in managing your information. It will tackle such topics as: organization of files for optimal retrieval, keeping your email inbox under control, practical issues around using Web 2.0 technologies, laptops and other mobile devices, access and privacy issues, safe disposal of sensitive information, techniques for keeping digital information long-term etc. It may help you understand and cope with unexpected issues that sometimes arise in your university life surrounding the information you hold; answer your real life questions and hopefully provide some practical, workable solutions.

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