A large part of the work QUFA does is to try to resolve conflict and misunderstanding between its members and the Queen's administration. If this work is about interpretation of collective agreement provisions for the membership as a whole, it is dealt with by the Joint Committee to Administer the Agreement (JCAA). If this work is done on behalf of one or more individuals to address their particular circumstances, we call it grievance work. Some issues may go from one forum to the other, but that is relatively rare.

In the last round of negotiations with Queen's, we agreed to the creation of a Conflict Resolution Service to help Members (Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, Librarians, Archivists) to resolve interpersonal and professional disputes with other Members. This service is now available to all Members of the Bargaining Unit. It is completely confidential from both QUFA and the Queen's Administration and is free to use. See below for a link to more information. While the Conflict Resolution Serive is exclusive to QUFA Members, SGPS provides a referral and advice service of its own if you know of a graduate or professional student in need of help (see below for link).

On this page you will find information explaining how the grievance processes work between QUFA and Queen's, forms and protocols that direct the scope of some of that work, and other information that might be of interest in the grievance context. If you have ideas, questions, or other feedback, we invite you to get in touch with us.

Ramneek Pooni, Grievance Officer


Forms and Information


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