Explaining Membership in the Bargaining Unit & Membership in the Association (Union)

History of the Current Faculty, Librarian, and Archivist Bargaining Unit

Queen's University Faculty Association (QUFA) is the sole bargaining agent for members of the Faculty Librarian and Archivists (FLA) Bargaining Unit. In 2007, Members in QUFA's Faculty Librarian and Archivist (FLABU) and Sessional Adjunct (SABU) Bargaining Units amalgamated to form the current FLA Bargaining Unit. The Queen's School of Religion Bargaining Unit (QSR BU) certified in 2009 under the aegis of QUFA; then QSR bargaining unit merged with FLABU in the spring of 2012 to form the FLA bargaining unit. Membership in the FLA bargaining unit is defined in Article 1 of the Collective Agreement 2011-2015.
There are two types of QUFA memberships: membership in the Bargaining Unit and membership in the Association (Union).

Membership in the Faculty, Librarian, and Archivist Bargaining Unit

Faculty, Librarians, and Archivists and Contract academic Staff (Adjuncts) covered by the amalgamated Collective Agreement of 2011-15, are members of the FLA Bargaining Unit. All Queen's University Faculty (with a few exceptions, e.g., clinician faculty who are members of the OMA and therefore excluded by the Ontario Labour Relations Board) are automatically members of the FLA Bargaining Unit. Members of the Bargaining Unit can vote on the Collective Agreement: ratification of new collective agreements and strike action. Dues at the rate of 1 percent are deducted monthly from the salary of Members of the Bargaining Unit automatically by the University's Financial Services.

Membership in the Association (Union)

Membership in the Association (Union) is open to all members of the Bargaining Unit. Membership is voluntary and may be obtained by completing this application form and sending it to the QUFA Office through internal mail. No additional payment of dues is required to become a member of the Association (Union). Association (Union) members can participate in the day-to-day decision making processes of the Association (Union) by being elected to hold an office on the Executive Committee or on the Council of Representatives or any other QUFA committee, or by serving on the Negotiating Team and/or its supporting committees. Members of the Association (Union) vote on the election of officers and on policy matters of the Association at general meetings.