Help QUFA Make a Difference Now - Please Get Involved

Dear Colleagues:

Queen's University Faculty Association invites you to take an active role in 2013-14.

For purposes of annual performance reporting (as per Collective Agreement Article 7.6.4), QUFA service is University service.

Working with colleagues all across campus, QUFA volunteers learn who the university is and how it works. With the proliferation of highly paid administrators while retiring faculty is not replaced, it is especially important to monitor what is going on closely to keep the employer honest.

Don't have much time? QUFA volunteers can make commitments of any scope, large or small. All help is truly welcome. QUFA has needs, and places, for diverse talents, viewpoints, and interests. For instance, any QUFA member may serve on the:

  • QUFA Council, as Representative for one's own academic unit or membership group (such as Term or Continuing Adjuncts);
  • University or Senate committees, as a QUFA designate or observer;
  • QUFA subcommittees for specific issues:
    • Benefits Oversight Committee,
    • Budget Analysis Review Committee,
    • Adjuncts Scholarly Research and Creative Work Fund,
    • University Promotion Advisory Committee,
    • Ad hoc Pension Committee and
    • Website Committee;
  • Political Action and Communications Committee (PACC);
  • Joint Committee to Administer the Agreement (JCAA);
  • Committee to Manage the Collective Agreement (CMCA) (which is QUFA's Advisory Committee to the JCAA) or on its subcommittees;
  • Grievance Committee; or
  • QUFA Executive, as the Vice-President position will need to be filled.

Some of these positions require only a few meetings a year. Those on the Executive and on standing committees are typically more active (one or two meetings per month). The most demanding roles may be compensated by course relief.

All QUFA work aims to improve and maintain the working environment at Queen's.

If you are interested or require more information, please contact Diane Beauchemin, Chair of the Nominations & Elections Committee (32619 or, or Elaine Berman, Administrative Officer (33033 or