QUFA Survey on the Principalship

Dear Colleagues:

Queen's News Centre announced on 14 January that Daniel Woolf seeks re-appointment as Principal (QNC, 14 Jan 2013). A Joint Board/Senate Committee chaired by Chancellor David Dodge is to advise the Board. The committee has invited submissions and initiated an online survey (with a 15 Feb. deadline). But while the community has been assured that "The review process is confidential and the committee will hold all submissions in complete confidence," the survey is not anonymous. In response to a query on this subject, Queen's Secretariat has responded: "The committee will not consider anonymous submissions. The survey results will be compiled separately from the names, but attribution will be available if a committee member requests it."

QUFA believes that the allowance of anonymous response is critical for objective consultation in such cases. Faculty must routinely subject themselves to anonymous student evaluation, and the justification for faculty anonymity in review of Administrators is much the same.

We therefore invite members who would like to respond to the committee's survey anonymously to respond via Survey Monkey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PL6CWKL. All responses will be compiled and sent, without names, to the Committee by the deadline date of 15 February.


Paul G. Young, Dept. of Biology
QUFA President