June 3 Deadline for Adjunct Scholarly, Creative, PD Fund

The deadline this spring/summer term for applications to the Fund for Scholarly Research and Creative Work and Professional Development (Adjuncts) is June 3, 2013. You are eligible to apply if you have an Adjunct appointment at Queen's during the spring/summer term, and the Committee encourages you to do so.

Some examples of the very disparate and interesting requests that have been funded include attendance at conferences and workshops, travel for archival research, the development of artistic practice, and support of new or ongoing research. You will find a list of the most recent recipients at the bottom of the application web page as well as a description from one Adjunct faculty member about how she benefited from the Fund.

Please use the current application form as it is updated from time to time. Using an old form may cause the information you provide to be insufficient or inapt, and so you stand the chance of being denied funding because the Committee cannot properly assess your application alongside the others. Only complete applications will be considered.

You will find a link to the instructions and application form at this URL: http://www.queensu.ca/provost/faculty/facultyrelations/qufa/support/adjunctfund.html.

The Committee tries to meet within a few weeks of the deadline and decisions will be sent out from the Faculty Relations Office a few weeks after that meeting. Late applications are generally not accepted, but may be considered if there are extenuating circumstances beyond your control. Not having known of or remembered the deadline, or not having received a reminder are not considered extenuating circumstances.