Artists on the Run Parade

The new Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts (IBCPA) will be opening its doors to Queen's students and the community in time for classes in September 2014. This space aims to embody a "bold vision of an arts campus where community and student performance, education, creativity and training blend to give rise to an inspirational cultural presence." The IBCPA will be home to the Department of Film and Media, and provide teaching, performance, and exhibition spaces for the School of Music, the Department of Drama, and the Bachelor of Fine Art Program.

While we students are very excited about the opening of this beautiful new building, we have some serious concerns. The University has made no formal plans to include FOOD or TRANSPORTATION accommodations for the IBCPA. Not only does this pose safety and health risks to students, but due to the centre's location, these short-sighted decisions will affect our ability to complete our degree requirement and may decrease involvement in the aforementioned artistic activities. We feel strongly that the wonderful gift granted by the Baders and other donors will be compromised by the current Administration's short-sighted decision.

The Provost's notice states that the distance from the IBCPA to Mac-Corry is the same as from Mac-Corry to Dupuis. We invite you to a geography lesson: Join us for the ARTISTS ON THE RUN PARADE on Friday, March 14 starting at 3p.m., beginning at the Biosciences Complex on 116 Barrie St. and marching to the IBCPA at 390 King St. We encourage all students, faculty, staff and community members to come out with pedometers and support the Queen's Arts community. Signs, banners, costumes and musical instruments are recommended!

We ask for your support in getting the attention of EVERYONE in the Queen's community! Please help us encourage the Administration to provide food and transportation for the student, faculty, staff and visitors of the IBCPA.

Please join our Facebook event and spread the word. Don't let our concerns go unnoticed!


Laura Cooley