QUFA Invites You To A Panel Discussion, Computers and Classrooms: Perspectives on Online Learning

Dear Colleagues,

There is much ado about online and blended learning these days. For some, it's a panacea to underfunding and overcrowding. For others, it's a pedagogical disaster. Some wonder if online and blended courses retain the academic rigour of on-campus courses. Still others applaud online and blended courses for their innovative approaches and accessibility.

You are invited to join us on Wednesday, February 26 (2:30-4:00pm) in Watson 517 for a panel discussion, Computers & Classrooms: Perspectives on Online Learning to explore the pros and cons of online learning. This event brings together experts, users, supporters and critics to figure out what it is, what it means and how to do it right. Everyone is welcome! Refreshments will be provided.

Attached please find a poster for this event. We encourage you to print this poster and post it in your department. We look forward to seeing you there.


Diane Beauchemin,
QUFA President