Common terms for Qufa structures

  • Council- QUFA Council of Representatives
  • Executive - QUFA's Executive Committee

Acronyms for QUFA, Queen's and community

AMSAlma Mater Society (Queen's Undergraduate Student Government)
BUBargaining Unit
CACollective Agreement (QUFA)
CASContract Academic Staff (Adjuncts)
CAUTCanadian Association of University Teachers
CCLACanadian Civil Liberties Association
CFSCanadian Federation of Students (CFS-O Canadian Federation of Students - Ontario)
CMCACommittee to Manage the Collective Agreement (QUFA)
COUCouncil of Ontario Universities (i.e., of their chief administrators)
CTAQClinical Teachers' Association of Queen's University (faculty members in the OMA)
CUPECanadian Union of Public Employees
FCSFederation of Canadian Students
FGMFall General Meeting
FLABUFaculty, Librarian/Archivist Bargaining Unit
GREBGeneral Research Ethics Board
GRORGeneral Right of Reappointment for Term Adjuncts (see Article 32 in QUFA CA)
HEQCOHigher Education Quality Council of Ontario
HRCHuman Right Code (Ontario)
HROHuman Rights Office (Queen's)
JCAAJoint Committee for Administering the Agreement (QUFA & University Administration)
KDLCKingston (and District) Labour Council
METMinistry of Education and Training (Ontario)
MTCUMinistry of Training, Colleges and Universities (Ontario)
NUCAUTNational Union of CAUT
OCUFAOntario Confederation of University Faculty Associations
OFLOntario Federation of Labour
OMAOntario Medical Association (representing all medical clinicians in province)
ONAOntario Nurses Association (representing nurses in the province)
OLRBOntario Labour Relations Board
OPIRGOntario Public Interest Research Group
OPSEUOntario Public Services Employees Union
PACCPolitical Action and Communications Committee (QUFA)
PARTEQPartners in Technology at Queen's
PERProfessional Expense Reimbursements (see Article 36 in QUFA`s FLA CA)
PSACPublic Service Alliance of Canada (representing Queen's TAs)
QSRQueen's School of Religion (formerly Queen's Theological College)
QSR BUQueen's School of Religion Bargaining Unit
QUASRQueen's University Administrative Systems Replacement(aka People Soft)
QUFACollective Agreement (QUFA)
QUSAQueen's University Faculty Association
RORRight of Reappointments (for Sessional Adjuncts & Term Adjuncts) (Queen`s)
SABUSessional Adjunct Bargaining Unit
SCADSenate Committee on Academic Development (Queen's)
SCAPTLSenate Committee on Appointment, Promotion, Tenure and Leave (Queen's)
SEECSenate Educational Equity Committee
SGMSpring General Meeting
SGM Sack, Goldblatt, Mitchell (QUFA's outside legal counsel)
SGPSSociety of Graduate and Professional Students (Queen`s)
UAEOUniversity Advisor on Equity Office
UPACUniversity Promotion Advisory Committee (Queen's; see CA Article 32.3)
USATUniversity Survey of Student Assessment of Teaching Sub-Committee (formerly QUEST)
USWUnited Steel Workers (representing Queen's Support Staff & Academic Assistants)