Adjunct salary-related issues

Friday, October 3rd 2008

Dear Adjunct Members,

We are hearing from our Adjunct Members about difficult salary-related situations that have arisen since the ratification of the new Collective Agreement. Where these problems seem to be a product of the Collective Agreement, QUFA is actively working with the University to resolve these issues.

However, QUFA has also learned that many Adjuncts are also being affected, sometimes more so, by budget cut-backs imposed by the University and not related to the terms of the Collective Agreement. While certain members of the Administration appear to be using the Collective Agreement and pointing the finger at QUFA to justify these budget-related cut-backs, these decisions are unrelated to the terms of the new contract.

Please keep us informed of any decisions and changes that have negatively impacted your individual situation. This will assist us in our efforts with the University.

We have only recently received updates from the University for our email lists, so might not reach all Adjuncts on campus. For this reason, please forward this message to anyone you think might not have received it.

Peter Dacin,

President, QUFA

phone: (613) 533-2806
fax: (613) 533-2325