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    Queen's University: Unit Workload Standards

    Each academic unit must have a workload standard that addresses all academic responsibilities of members, ensures equity in assigning these responsibilities, and ensures that Senate requirements regarding the academic program are met. The standard must be properly approved by both the members of the unit and the Dean. This provision and other details are found as Article 37 of the Faculty, Librarians and Archivists Collective Agreement 2005-2008.

    QUFA's hope is to provide you with access to the most up-to-date workload standards across campus. If you believe the workload standard on this website for your unit is out of date, please contact us to send us a copy of the current standard, or alert us and we will follow up.

    QUFA also hopes that your unit's standard addresses your unit's workload issues as well as possible. To that end, we have developed a list of issues that you might wish to consider in developing and updating your standards. This is a starting point only, not a comprehensive list, but it does include ideas from workload standards around the globe.

    To view your own unit's standard, please click on the unit name below. We are still hoping to get hold of and to post the standards of the units not yet included here.